A Science-Based Approach to Player Performance

Our team of scientists and practitioners are the best in the industry, and together they’ve created cutting-edge technology capable of translating complex biometric data into relevant and coherent player information. With Prairi, teams can use proven science to gain a competitive edge from a top-performance standpoint.

We process, analyze, interpret and apply complex biometric, biomechanical, and kinetic sensor-based data to optimize human performance outcomes across multiple disciplines.



Meet our unparalleled subject-matter expertise.


Chief Nutritionist

Leslie is the owner of Active Eating Advice- be fit, fed, fearless- a nutrition consulting company and is the co-founder of Performance365- a sports nutrition consulting company. She is a nutrition consultant for Carnegie Mellon University athletics, Kansas City Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and the WNBA. She was the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, Toronto Blue Jays and has also worked with the Pittsburgh Penguins, University of Pittsburgh Department of Athletics, and the Washington Nationals.

See Leslie in action: https://activeeatingadvice.com/


Sport Nutrition

Roberta is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant for the Baylor College of Medicine Corporate Programs team. She is an Instructor in the Baylor Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Roberta is faculty at Rice University, and currently the sports dietitian for the Houston Astros MLB franchise. She is the former sports dietitian for the Houston Texans NFL franchise and the Houston Ballet.   

Roberta has been honored with the SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice group) Achievement Award in 2011. She received the Texas Distinguished Dietitian Award in 2008, and the Texas Dietetic Association Media Award in 2006. For the past nine years, Roberta was Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Media Spokesperson for Houston and remains active in the Houston and national media. 


Athletic Training

Ryan spent over 20 seasons in the NFL. He served as the Head Athletic
Trainer for the Miami Dolphins from 2014-2018 and was the assistant
athletic trainer for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 years prior to that. Ryan is a member of the Pro Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) and
earned both his M.S. and B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Ryan currently serves as the athletic trainer and Strength and Conditioning
Coordinator for Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.


Sport Performance Analytics / Strength & Conditioning

Michael has experience in athlete physiological testing and strength and conditioning in private, collegiate, and professional settings. He graduated from Cumberland University with a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science, completed a M.S. in Exercise Science at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), and completed a Master’s Thesis researching anaerobic power and fatigue in ice hockey players.

Prior to joining Impellia, Michael served as the Sports Science Intern at the University of Notre Dame, and the Strength and Conditioning Technology Coordinator for the Nashville Predators during the 2017-18 season.

Michael is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).


Biomechanical Engineering

Dr. McGinnis is an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at the
University of Vermont. He brings experience from academia and health technology start-ups where he has developed novel, technology-based solutions to pressing healthcare problems, and validated these technologies in human subjects. His research findings have been commercialized through licensing and consulting activities to form the heart of product offerings from seven companies. He serves as an advisor to several start-ups in the health technology space.


Biomechanics/Functional Movement

Dr Stoller received a BA in Microbiology from Ohio Wesleyan University and Life University College of Chiropractic in Atlanta and graduated in 2002 with honors. He believes the body was designed to be healthy if proper function is restored and maintained through balanced structural alignment. His passion for human function, body structure, and athletics came to the forefront.

Dr. Stoller played hockey at Life University where he was a member of two ACHA national championship teams, has enhanced his passion to help athletes of all levels achieve their highest potential.    

Dr. Stoller learn advanced chiropractic with an emphasis on posture, neurology, and the relationship between the two in respect to good health, structural correction, and peak performance. 




Wearable products with easy set-up and high accuracy allow for repeatable, higher frequency data capture.

Impellia’s data architecture and software allow us to process large amounts of data efficiently.

The knowledge built into each product allows for greater identification of patterns that correlate to injury or opportunities to maximize performance.

Crunching data is only good if you know how to use it. Our sports science team is elite and our products help turn this data into useful, sports-specific information.

Create information-rich profiles of athletes and teams that can be standardized, tracked and shared among the entire sports medicine team, coaching staff and athletes.



The sports performance professional seeks to baseline the health and readiness of the athlete, then use the data to develop personalized intervention to correct or prevent issues and to optimize performance.

Real-time monitoring of athletes throughout this process provides new data used to determine effectiveness and information needed to reassess individualized strategies.

Let us show you a better way to play.