Create Optimal Nutrition to Fuel Athletes’ Success


Powering Up Players

What an athlete puts in their body to fuel them is just as important as training and practice. However, integrating complex performance and exertion data with body composition and meal planning has remained elusive – until now.

The nutritional module within the Prairi platform allows a sports dietitian to gather valuable information on multiple players and then formulate personalized recommendations on food guidance. This allows a nutritionist to craft tailored plans for hundreds of athletes, not just a handful, then work with the athlete, chef, athletic trainer and strength coach to implement those plans.

Athletes who understand their eating patterns, areas of concerns, and deficits will perform better in the short term and quite possibly extend their playing career. Prairi combines performance metrics with fueling and hydration data to educate, empower, and enable the athlete at all phases of sport.

Prairi Nutrition Benefits

  • Personalized and tailored to each player
  • Increases efficiency within nutritionist role
  • Integrated with injury and other player data
  • Reports are easily compiled and shared through email

Peak Performance Season After Season

Prairi energizes athletes so that they can stay healthy and play at peak performance—throwing the ball and running the court and hitting the home run with the same strength from start to finish.


“Data, evidence and advice from those who do know the sports nutrition recommendations can be an invaluable asset to the athlete, the team and the organization.”

Leslie Bonci, MPH RD CSSD LDN

Founder, Active Eating Advice

“Partnered with other data available via Prairi, you could identify athletes who are at higher risk of issues such as soft tissue issues via dehydration and poor fueling. It would also allow the analytics department to track data and look for correlations.”

Roberta Anding, MS RD CSSD LD CDE FAND

Sports Dietitian, Houston Astros

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