The Science You Need to Optimize Players’ Physical Readiness


Play at Physical Peak

Prairi monitors athletes’ training load, giving coaches and trainers key data about fatigue, recovery and how to optimize performance.

The Prairi load monitoring system is different, because it’s an “apples to apples” analysis. It doesn’t favor players who cover high distances or run at high speeds (wide receivers, running backs, point guards) while penalizing other positions (lineman, quarterbacks, “bigs”). Instead, Prairi expresses all exertions relative to each player’s baseline personal fitness. Performance modeling of predicted exertion capacity based on normalized training loads gives us insight into an athletes fitness, fatigue and freshness levels at any moment during the season.

By knowing the intensity of each player’s effort, team staff can tailor training and recovery more appropriately.

The Prairi Advantage

We offer science-based solutions that set us apart.

  • No time-consuming and costly tests.
    You don’t need months of data in order to calculate baseline fitness. Prairi automatically computes a player’s stamina from player tracking data starting on day one.
  • Load scores are consistent and immediate.
    Coaches can get insight into that day’s practice right away.
  • Accurate data across positions.
    Because player exertion is expressed relative to their own baseline stamina, efforts can be compared across otherwise disparate positions. The staff can easily compare physical abilities of players in the same position.
  • Fresh, individual updates.

    When a player’s efforts and capacity increases, Prairi updates this score. When efforts decline due to extended time off or injury, Prairi drops the score accordingly. The data is reflective of an athlete’s current status.
  • Metabolic insights.
By examining an athlete’s physical abilities over time, team staff can learn about the athlete from both an anaerobic and an aerobic perspective.

Let us show you a better way to play.