The Science You Need to Protect Players from Injury and Fatigue


Returning Your Athletes to Full Health

Prairi enables athletic trainers to track injuries as they occur with the Injury Tracking app. This app is integrated into the Injury module and pulls in additional data about an athlete’s performance and exertion metrics. The injury tracking app allows coaches and training staff to develop a plan of action as well as use performance and exertion data to monitor a player’s return-to-play progress. This helps coaches and training staff all to be on the same page in terms of an athlete’s progression back from injury.


prairi-apps-injury-tracking tablet screensInjury Tracking Like Never Before

  • Digitally track injuries when they happen.
  • See a player’s status in real-time, no waiting on reports and analysis
  • Create a plan of action for treatment and return to play
  • Receive other performance data incorporated from other Prairi modules
  • Save time and minimize conflict with objective data and communication tools
  • Allow multiple stakeholders the ability to access the data

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