Your Head Belongs in the Game, Not in the Data

Prairi makes sense of your numbers so you can optimize player performance. It’s that simple. No more mental gymnastics. No more guesswork about what the information means.
Our easy-to-use interface gives you relevant results that empower you to do what’s best for your team.


Insights for Action

It’s time you had a comprehensive picture of your players.

  • Performance Readiness
    Prairi analyzes exertion data with proprietary algorithms to offer actionable player performance and readiness insight in simple metrics.
  • Straightforward Information
    Intuitive UI-UX and smart data visualization helps professionals comprehend complex data into usable, standardized information.
  • Team & Individual Dynamics
    Allows for deep team or individual athlete insights across sessions, weeks, or seasons.
  • Injury Resiliency Analytics
    Analyzing performance and exertion data help provides red flags for fatigue and return-to-play progress.
  • Extensible Design
    Prairi is designed to include new data sets from 3rd party technologies and future Impellia products, thus enhancing long-term value.
  • Device Agnostic
    Prairi can incorporate data from 3rd party sources and, in many ways, enhance that data or create new insights while standardizing the nomenclature.

Build Better Players With Prairi


Science to optimize players’ physical readiness


Track injuries as they occur with an easy-to-use app


Get player insights to correct and prevent issues


Tailored recommendations for optimal stamina

Prairi is separate from other technologies on the market.

For example, metrics are adjusted to the individual’s fitness level as they train and as the season wears on. Most systems use absolute values for their reported metrics, but this doesn’t account for individual fitness levels and/or changing fitness levels over the course of the season. This partially explains why some teams get data that shows a player should be fatigued when he or she is actually feeling great, and vice-versa. Prairi addresses this issue and provides an array of additional performance-related data that other technologies just don’t have the capability of delivering.

      —Chief Scientific Officer, Impellia 

Prairi is Different

What sets us apart can set you and your team apart too.

Prairi provides insights on athletes with personalized baselines, not arbitrary numbers.
Understandable, objective data will let you track and communicate player data, thereby alleviating conflicts about player readiness.
Prairi quickly processes raw data and outputs digestible metrics with clarity.
Prairi’s generated metrics let you plan your training regimen prior to gamedays to maximize player’s readiness.
Prairi’s integrated system allows for specific and timely fueling and recovery nutritional recommendations.

Let us show you a better way to play.