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Achieve the most out of your training and perform at your best

I have insights on how to train, eat, rest, and prepare my body to perform at my best.

Get the most out of your training and perform at your best. Prairi makes sense of all the data being generated from the sensors. Through the easy-to-use program, you’ll understand the why and the how or your performance, inside and out. Prairi allows you to take more control of your training with clear, concise and understandable insights that will take your game to the next level.


Track athletes’ fitness, readiness, and fatigue throughout the season

I can see how my injured players are recovering and share this information objectively with the staff.

Injuries are a part of all sports. For an athletic trainer, it’s important to keep athletes on the field or, in the case of injury, return athletes back to play as swiftly as possible. Prairi enables the athletic trainer to understand and monitor the physiological profile of each individual athlete he or she treats. The integration of performance metrics, exertion load, biomechanics and injury tracking empowers athletic trainers to identify potential risk factors before they become an issue or, perhaps more importantly, personalize and expedite return-to-play.


Upload training information and integrate it with player tracking metrics

I can let the coach know who needs more conditioning and who needs more rest.

Strength coaches need to understand an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of fitness, readiness, biomechanics and injury risk. Prairi’s integrated performance platform enables the strength coach to personalize training programs based upon objective data. These insights also provide a roadmap to optimizing both individual athletes and the team’s overall performance readiness in-season. With this data, in addition to our metrics, we can determine how a player’s training regimen in the weight room may be translating to on-the-field performance. This allows the strength coach to make adjustments to each athlete’s workout plan.


Enhance nutritional decisions by understanding performance

I can more efficiently manage all of my student-athletes with a personalized fueling  and recovery plan.

Athletes are only as good as the fuel that goes into their body. However, integrating complex performance and exertion data with body composition and meal planning has remained elusive – until now.

Prairi offers new insights to nutritionists. Baseline diet information from our interactive questionnaire provides an idea of a player’s daily intake, but with the player tracking, nutritionists also have the capability of seeing whether a player is pulling energy from carbs or fats. This allows the nutritionist to determine a more effective plan for each player. Now, a team nutritionist can provide comprehensive personalized meal planning for hundreds of athletes, not just a handful.


Understand player performance in one easy-to-use system

“These insights can help our program improve student-athlete health and wellness. I can leverage technology to recruit and retain talented coaches, and increase donor support.”

In the complex world of college athletics, doing everything to ensure student-athlete wellness is critical. Prairi not only provides your sports medicine team the tools to more effectively train, fuel, and build injury resiliency with student athletes, but it also enables the athletic director to monitor all athletes across all sports in one centralized location. Prairi’s integrated insights provide depth and breadth needed to optimize data application for a variety of sports and athletes. Furthermore, Prairi is designed to give your sports medicine staffs the ability to more effectively and efficiently personalize treatments, training, nutrition and rehabilitation across multiple teams.


Get the insights you want—quickly, clearly, and correctly

“The analytics help me prepare my team physically for game day.”

Prairi can give you the edge needed to win. Prairi helps your team optimize their physical performance readiness so you can get all you can out of each player – in practice and in games. Our insights are highly relevant, easy to comprehend, and allow you to prioritize your time on coaching. Prairi gives your staff the tools needed to objectively assess, evaluate, monitor, and plan for strength training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and nutrition so you can focus on coaching.


Optimize player performance by incorporating Prairi metrics

 “These insights can maximize the output of our entire roster and identify players who fit our scheme.”

Prairi gives personnel insights to make more well-informed decisions in terms of player performance and overall fit within the team’s playing philosophy. Prairi provides the critical underlying physiological context to player game statistics so you better understand the why and the how, not just the what. Prairi can help your sports performance staff to communicate more effectively, as well as plan, train and rehabilitate more intelligently. In other words, Prairi is a tool that can help your staff do their jobs better, while optimizing player performance.  


Run deeper analytics using Prairi’s player metrics

“This helps me to quickly identify meaningful data and see correlations with game performance.”

Player tracking puts a burden on a data analyst in an organization to make sense of the information coming in, and then be able to run deeper analytics. With Prairi, we make sense of the data for them by providing metrics like practice/game intensity, dynamic training load, and readiness. This allows for the data analysts of an organization to be able to run deeper analytics on our metrics and not spend time trying to decipher the raw data being provided from third party vendors.

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