Smarter decisions. Period.

You don’t have time to analyze numbers, and you shouldn’t have to hire an army of software developers to make sense of your players’ data. Let us take the pain out of figuring out what your team’s metrics mean so that you can get back to doing the things you do best.

At Impellia, we go beyond spreadsheets and complicated graphs to give you player insights that make sense, are easy to understand, and that you know how to apply right away for better results. LEARN MORE ABOUT PRAIRI »

  • Objective Insights & Data
  • Program Training
  • Tailor Recovery
  • Evaluate Player Rotations
  • Evaluate Player Profile/Scheme Fit
  • Plan & Monitor Nutrition
  • Plan & Monitor Interventions
  • Dynamic Training Load
  • Fatigue
  • Individual Hustle Score

Applied Data Meets Solid Science

Put our decades of experience in sports performance and data analytics to work for you. The Impellia team includes leading sport performance scientists and practitioners in exercise physiology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, athletic training, chiropractic medicine, kinesiology, sports medicine, mechanical engineering, data science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mathematics, data analytics, scouting and talent evaluation, and more. Our wealth of experience and expertise has you covered.

Build Better Players With Prairi


Science to optimize players’ physical readiness


Track injuries as they occur with an easy-to-use app


Get player insights to correct and prevent issues


Tailored recommendations for optimal stamina

Take the Guesswork Out of the Game

We translate the data you get from multiple sources, taking all the raw information and applying its impact to the players’ overall readiness analytics. Everyone who needs the data can see it and apply it quickly and easily.


Achieve the most out of your training and perform at your best

Strength Coach

Upload training information and integrate it with player tracking metrics

Athletic Trainer

Track athletes’ fitness, readiness, and fatigue throughout the season


Enhance nutritional decisions by understanding performance


Understand player performance in one easy-to-use system

Data Analyst

Run deeper analytics using Prairi’s player metrics

Athletic Director

Get the insights you want—quickly, clearly and correctly

General Manager

Optimize player performance by incorporating Prairi metrics

Science, Tailored to Your Needs 

“Every team’s goal is to find the optimal training methods to help their athletes reach peak performance level at the time of competition. Impellia sets itself apart from other companies because they can do this in a fully customizable way.”
Former NFL General Manager

Let us show you a better way to play.